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 Our Speciality is the creation of Real Wealth

Cooper Barber Financial Planning and its Licensee share the vision, and adopt the mission to change the way people are financially advised in Australia.

RealWealth.jpg - largeToo often individuals are given limited advice by advisers who have limited access to investment choices. This can only result in a limiting financial strategy. 


A limiting strategy will prevent you from achieving your long-term wealth objectives, which will therefore prevent you from living the life that you have wished form and dreamed of.


At Cooper Barber Financial Planning we know that with effective strategy, guidance and education, we can make it easier for you to live a life with greater freedom and choice. This guidance is provided across all financial areas of your life and you can have access to our full suite of services which you can use as your situation requires.


The benefit of having all of these services managed by ourselves, is that our team of experts work together with you making sure that your goals and objectives have the best chance of coming to fruition. Which we believe will ultimately lead to your Financial Independence goal.